What kinds of services does Scriptorium offer?

Scriptorium can offer your company a whole host of services that span every aspect of a project. Aside from the technical writing skills, our staff has experience with the planning and organisation of projects as well as the design aspects such as photography and layout. We can also create and deliver custom writing workshops for your company.

planning_150Project Planning

Not sure where to start? Scriptorium can help you create a plan by interviewing stakeholders and researching options that will best meet your needs. A well-planned project will save time and ensure that the end deliverable meets your needs.        Learn more >>>

writing_150Writing Documentation

We have experience researching and writing a variety of documentation project for industry, utilities, and government. We can create manuals, policy, procedure, and other documentation that meets your needs and COR, ISO, and other government legislation and other regulatory body requirements.      Learn more >>> 

trainingb_150Customized Training

We have experience writing and training people to write their own documentation. We can create a custom course or workshop to support your team in developing the tools and skills they need to create and maintain documentation in-house.       Learn more >>>


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