writing_150Policy Manuals

Policy manuals are the 5w’s of your business. These manuals outline the responsibilities of you the employer and your employees. We will tell you what you are legally obligated to have and then based on the size and nature of your business, help you create useful policies for your company .

User & Procedure Manuals

Whether you have software or processes that need documentation for research or training, Scriptorium can create a professional instructional or procedural manual that covers the specific topics your employees or customers require.


Your project may seem like dull stuff, but Scriptorium can make even the mundane more interesting. You have a message to get out and we will help you reach your audience with creative solutions for those everyday writing projects.


If you need photos from your business to enhance your project, Scriptorium can offer basic photography or even video services.


If you are tight on budget or working with a simple project, we can offer basic layout services in print or online. Your project will not only be well-written but also look professional. If you need a more polished layout, we can recommend graphic designers who we have worked with before and who we enjoy partnering with.